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Whitetail Hunting for Beginners

Written by Scott Christopherson (co-owner, IN THE HUNT)   Throughout my years as a bow hunter I have had the distinct privilege of hunting with arguably some of the best sportsmen in the country. They were always willing to share their knowledge and love of the outdoors with me and I will be forever grateful to them for that. As a young man I was fortunate to have a father...

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Whitetail Deer Rattling Tips

Written by Scott Christopherson, Co-Owner IN THE HUNT Throughout my years of hunting deer I have found that rattling for whitetails can be very effective. Below are few things I’ve learned along the way. Rattling Options Some people like the convenience of a rattle bag or may even use synthetic horns. I prefer real horns for the authentic sound. Stay away from old, dried up and weathered horns as they...

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Lifelong Relationships Built in the Hunt

by Scott Christopherson (co-owner, IN THE HUNT) Badgerland Bowhunters is the name of my father’s hunting crew. 38 members strong. My old man tells me he and a few others are friends from so far back they used to ride their bicycles to go hunting together because none of them had their driver’s license yet. All 38 are family, even though not by blood. They’ve hunted together for decades. Always...

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